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Non-Profit Charity

Helping Families Through Their Darkest Hour

Countless children in America are faced with confronting unimaginable illnesses every year.

Help us support families as they adjust to life during their child's hospitalization...

Newborn Baby

What About Us Charity was founded in 2008 by Crissundra Angel Hall with the goal of building an organization that helps support families when they're found unexpectedly caring for an ill child, both financially and emotionally.

Our generous individual and corporate donors allow us to provide families in need with out-of-pocket costs not covered by general or supplemental insurance through immediate aid with food, housing, transportation, lodging, and the countless miscellaneous expenses associated with a sick child.

Support Our Cause

Help support families in need today by making a tax-deductable contribution.

Lost Support Item Apple AirTag

Along with your tax deduction, you will receive a Chappy 3-piece set of lost support item Airtag holders as a free gift.

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Volunteer Using Sign Language
Volunteer with us

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Children in Need
Chappy Never Lost Support Toys

Find Chappy was brought to life because child meltdowns are fun for no one...


Crissundra Hall, Founder of What About Us, also operates Find Chappy, a company whose product's purpose is to lessen the anxiety children face when looking for lost support items.

100% of proceeds from Find Chappy sales go directly to What About Us, so please take a look!

"Thanks for helping us go through the hardest times of our lives. With your great love and your generous help, we have the strength to keep moving. Angel shows more concern about us which lets us feel warm in our hearts far from our home in China. Sincere thanks to all the staff at What About Us Charity. God Bless You!"

- Gao Family

Give Today. The help is immediate. 

Assistance to Families With Children in Need

Bags Of Love


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By Mail

Mail your contributions to:


What About Us, Inc. 

10225 Donna Ave

Northridge, CA 91324


We accept both one-time or monthly contributions from individuals and organizations.

Over the Phone

If you woud like to make a contribution over the phone, you may call us at:


By Email

If you have any questions or need further assistance with your contribution, pleaae email us at:

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