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Raising Money For Children

Crissundra Angel Hall, Founder and CEO

About My Organization, what about us.

My name is Crissundra Angel Hall and I'm the Founder and CEO of What About Us, Inc. I am originally from Trinidad and have lived in London for twelve years before moving to the wonderful USA. I have been a pediatric nurse for over twenty-five years and have always been inspired by the incredible strength of my little patients and their resilient families...

I am a mother and a pediatric critical care nurse. On a daily basis, I work with babies and young children in the neonatal intensive care unit with premature babies who have many different medical challenges, and genetic anomalies. I'm also the parent of an ex-preemie who is differently abled with autism, ADHD, and learning challenges. So I'm well aware of the challenges parents go through daily.


Over the years, I've looked after children with cancer, heart diseases requiring surgery, kidney and liver failure requiring organ transplants, and autoimmune disorders amongst other debilitating syndromes requiring long-term care.


Nothing compares to watching a parent lose their child...

It never gets easier to witness and I will never understand why innocent children get cancer. After all the suffering that they go through with chemotherapy along with other medications, some still never make it out.


I have seen families destroyed, parents lose their jobs, family members emotionally displaced, and siblings feeling lost and forgotten, so I started this non-profit specifically to reach out to as many families as I can who are facing tragic shifts in their lives as a result of painful health adversities.

The hard truth is a lot of pain and suffering can be helped using the resource of money. So please, if you're able to make any contribution at all, we are positioned as an organization to offer immediate aid to families we know are in crucial need and every dollar helps.

Everyone here at What About Us, our endlessly loving families, and our precious patients all thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Money for Families with Kids who are sick

Give Today. The help is immediate. 

Family Spotlight

The Families we Assist with Money for their Kids

Jean and Jonika, Los Angelas CA

Hi, my name is Jean and I am here in Los Angeles with my daughter Jonika. I had given birth to Jonika in Guam. I had a normal delivery and was kept in the hospital for a few more days because my sugar was too high. The day they were going to release me I was told that Jonika was not able to go home with me they said they heard a murmur and needed to do an EKG test and she had to stay until we got the results back.


Well, the results came and I was informed that she needed surgery. I was really stressed because I had moved back to Guam in November when I was 5 months pregnant and I hadn't gone out to look for a job yet. I was going to do that after I gave birth and so I had no income but in order for the flight to be covered by my insurance I had to show proof that I had my living expenses covered. A family member had lent me some money so they approved my trip out here but from what the doctors told me if all goes well with the surgery I could be back in a few weeks. Although the surgery went well I have been here for almost 4 months, and at one point I had no funds for food for myself nor for my daughter.

I could not buy her milk or pampers. I was fortunate enough to have met a wonderful family at the Ronald McDonald House who told me about the What About Us Charity Organization that has helped his family out in the past and told me I should let them know about my situation. Well, I did and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the What About Us Charity for helping me with Pampers, baby formula, baby wipes, a bathtub that my daughter absolutely loves, and the gift cards that helped me out with food for myself and other things that I needed during my stay here.

Thank you again. You will never be forgotten, and you will always be in our hearts and our prayers. I would also like to add that for those who have donated to this charity God bless you for allowing What About Us to help families that are in need. And for those who don't know much about it, I encourage you to read some of the stories on the other families that have been blessed by them. And maybe help support them with a little donation so they may help many more families to come. Thank you and God bless. Jean.

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By Mail

Mail your contributions to:


What About Us, Inc. 

10225 Donna Ave

Northridge, CA 91324


We accept both one-time or monthly contributions from individuals and organizations.

Over the Phone

If you woud like to make a contribution over the phone, you may call us at:


By Email

If you have any questions or need further assistance with your contribution, pleaae email us at:

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