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Mommy Dearest! How much rope do I give a 20 yr old?

So I’m sitting here waiting on my dear son to come home.  He said he would be home by 0100, so I called dto check if he was nearly here, and he vry calmly said he as at his friends house about to watch a movie.  Wow!  I actually surprised myself by not getting upset or raising my voice, so I calmly reminded him of our agreement on the time he would be  here.  As always he proceded to justify why I shouldn’t worry him coming home later.  That wasn’t the point really.  I am constantly trying to teach him about being responsible enough to keeping his word.  If YOU say you would be home at 0100, then BE home by then.  I wonder if I’m being unreasonable.  I said to him that he needs to forget about the movie, and come home immediately.  He didn’t fuss and softly said, “Yes Ma’am.”  Needless to say, within 25 minutes, he quietly came into my bedroom and kissed me on the head.  I told him that I felt like I was talking to a 16 yr old, and he said he understood.  I told him I love him, glad he was safe and all I want for him is to be productive, not sleep all day, and hang out all night.  He agreed.  So yet the end of another deja-vu moment.

I do believe he gets it somewhere deep inside because he constantly says he is

NEVER going to be a parent, so I could kiss the thought of being a grandmother goodbye…lol…My husband and baby are sleeping peacefully next to me, as I was waiting for Daniel to come home.  I know if I spoke to every other mother out there (well, most anyway), they would have similar stories!!  The wheel just keeps on turning because you never really get it until you walk in your parents shoes.  I love to console myself by saying that I was out of my mother’s house at age 17 1/2, so they didn’t have to sit up waiting for me.  I was in London, 8000 miles away from them, so I’m sure they waited in a long distance kind of way.  There ws no skype back then, and I didn’t have a computer or cell phone.  How life has changed!!  So he’s calmly making himself a sandwich and watching sportscenter.  Amazing!!  I love that the world didn’t stop for m little panick attack…lol.  As a Mom, I am always hoping that he could FEEL productive so he will have a bit more urgency to complete tasks.  He’s so intelligent, but immature at times.  He has a heart of gold, and what can I say?  Mommy keep praying for the ability to guide my babies through this fabulous journey of life.  He doesn’t want to go back to college either, by the way, and I’m not sure how I feel about it.  That’s why I think if he felt more productive, he would be too tired to ‘hang out’ ALL night doing nothing of consequence.  “Chilling’ would be his favorite answer to ‘what are you doing today, tonight or tomorrow?”  I guess the constant reminder for me is that whatever I go through as a Mom, is meant to help me grow as a person…..right?

Goodnight world

One Love


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