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Kids Dying

I am sitting here listening to my beautiful 7 yr old play the piano with her teacher.  She is so talented for her age.  I can’t believe how blessed I am sometimes.  ‘ve had a very trying week, because one of my patients at work died and it never gets easier to see a child be taken aay from teir parents.  I will never understand why innocent children get cancer and after all the suffering they go through with chemotherapy and other medications, some still never make it out!  Being a pediatric oncology nurse makes me feel that I should be able to always make it better.  It has always been an internal battle of mine with giving such toxic medication to the kids, knowing their chances of making it out will be super slim.

Those, of course, who I know have the best chances are easier to give medication to.  My personal belief is to try natural healing before I try medicine.  Sometimes in my heart of hearts when doctors offer some study drugs to the patients, I see desperate parents who wnt their kids to be healed at all cost.  They agree to these studies and it’s the innocent child caught in the middle.  Chances are, they would never go home, just back to heaven (or wherever you believe people go after death!!)  Now, I’m not saying that studies shouldn’t be caarried out, please don’t get me wrong, but sometimes the patients should be chosen more selectively!!  so my other daughter (the one yr old) is wailing for my attention… be continued!!!

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