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Hello World!

Updated: Jun 10, 2018

This is my first blog and I am very excited for our worlds to collide!!  My name is Crissundra Angel  Hall and I am a woman who wears many hats.  I am a mother, wife, writer, poet, pediatric oncology nurse, advisor  and confidant.  I am orignially from Trinidad and I lived in London for twelve years before moving to the wonderful USA.  I am a pediatric oncology nurse and work at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles on the cancer Unit.  My passion is writing, and it has been my sanctuary over the years.  Like every other amazing writer, I do it from the heart.  I have three beautiful children ages 20, 7 and 1.  Yes I know it sounds crazy, but I get the best of all worlds!  I get to sing lullabys and sesame street songs, talk about Tinkerbell and tap dancing, give advice on sex, drugs, alcohol and girls all in the same day!

I decided to do this blogging thing because I have so much to share, and a world of

possibility to offer.  Being an oncology nurse, I have been a teacher, advisor, a shoulder to cry on, but most of all, I have learnt that every moment we have is precious beyond words.  I believe that God truly doesn’t give you more than you can bare.  I’ve survived, marriage, divorce, single motherhood, sickness, multiple surgeries, but nothing compares to watching a parent lose their child.  It is in those moments when the world stands still,  I am humbled and greatful, that my children are healthy.   Ironically, I believe in natural healing for the most part, and medicine only when necessary! I am a pescatarian, and have no dairy or fish in my diet.

Before I go, I wanted to tell you about my husband and best friend.  My son, introduced us 10 yrs ago and it’s been quite a journey:)  He is truly the only man in the universe who gets me.  Some people say I’m complicated. I’m just a woman with basic expecations.  My husband had taught me to forgive others and let things go.  I am constantly working on doing this, but he is there to give me the gentle nudge when I need it.   He is a teacher and role model for the 200 or so kids he sees daily.  My love for writing comes from real everday life.  I am an aspiring novel and screenwriter too.  I want to inspire others, but even more importantly, I want to be inspired!!   May all who read be truly blessed.  I can’t wait to laugh, cry, discuss and ponder over all of our lives through blogs!

One Love


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