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Happy Father’s Day Single Mothers!

I’ve been working the past couple of days but I wanted to stop and acknowledge all the single mothers out there who are doing double duty raising our future leaders ON THER OWN!!   I was a single Mom for a long time and now that I have an amazing husband, I will NEVER forget to honor them.  I am very greatful for the blessing of a great man in our lives.  I often wonder how I did it alone with my son.  Thanks to God’s mercy and blessings,   am here today to tell you it’s no easy journey.  It’s a sad ongoing epidemic that some guys don’t want to love up to their responsibility.

I have also been excited about a new book idea I have that will be a series of books.  I am trying to make some contacts to the right people to get things moving.  I am very excited about it and can’t wait to share it with the world. I had the blessing of sharing Father’s Day with my wonderful kids, husband and amazing Dad.  I am greatful for the best husband God could have sent to me.  He is my best friend and confidant, so I pray everyday that God blesses us with many beautiful years together.Peace and blessings to you all.

One Love,


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