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"If it wasn't for the What About Us Charity Organization, our Christmas would not have been the same. They were our blessing."

- Valenzuela Family

"Thanks for helping us go through the hardest times of life. With your great love and your generous help we have the strength to keep moving. Angel shows more concern about us which let's us feel warm in our hearts far from our home in China. Sincere thanks to all the staff at What About Us Charity. God Bless You!"

- Gao Family

"Life is truly like a box of chocolate... you never know what is going to come your way. I have been away from home since my son was hospitalized at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles and staying at the Ronald McDonald House. Things were hard financially but I kept my faith, then learned about the What About Us Charity and informed them of what was going on and they were able to assist with food, supplies, and even a gas card! They have truly been a great help to me. Thanks

again and I greatly appreciated! " -Malii

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