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Crissundra Angel Hall

CEO and Founder of What About Us Charity

My name is Crissundra Angel Hall and I'm the CEO and Founder of What About Us Charity. I am originally from Trinidad and have lived in London for twelve years before moving to the wonderful USA. I have been a pediatric nurse at the for twenty five years and have always been inspired by the incredible strength of my little patients and their resilient families.


Over the years, I've looked after children with cancer, heart diseases requiring surgery, kidney and liver failure requiring organ transplants, auto immune disorders amongst other debilitating syndromes requiring long term care. Nothing compares to watching a parent lose their child. It never gets easier to witness and I will never understand why innocent children get cancer, then after all the suffering that they go through with chemotherapy along with other medications, some still never make it out. I have seen families destroyed, parents lose their jobs, family members emotionally displaced, siblings feeling lost and forgotten, so I started this non profit specifically to reach out to as many families that I can who are facing tragic shifts in their lives as a result of painful health adversities.


Having had my own health challenges involving sickness and multiple surgeries as well as my own child who has had similar health challenges to mine, I've since adopted a plant based, gluten free, raw juice diet. In doing so, I've been able to wing myself off of daily medications, minimizing triggers and symptoms, and share the benefits with my family. 


My family's health is just as important to me as those families effected with heart wrenching health complications. I 've always wanted to find a way to help families cope during their child's long term hospitalization and find a way to bring hope to families who are torn away from their child - a beloved life that barely tapped into the full spectrum of human experience.


Our charity has been self-funded from the beginning and although we have been limited on the number of families we have been able to help, we are still striving to make a difference in any way we can. We are proud to be a part of Ralph's Community Program and the Ronald McDonald Charity Houses. We also have a new project called 'Bags of Love' which are bags filled with basic essentials such as soaps, lotions, deodorants, toothbrushes, toothpastes, vegan gluten free protein drinks, vegan gluten free protein bars, cup of vegan gluten free noodles, t-shirts, notepads, pens, and gas cards.


We are hoping, through grants, donations, and fundraising, to be able to help many more families going through such difficult, trying times. It's paramount to provide hope and protect our future one family at a time.

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